Smart workout next to lactate test

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What smart workout should you do to reset your MPA when you come from a long hiatus of training ?

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I would suggest first getting comfortable again. Xert will reduce your fitness signature if you detrain. It will likely reduce it more than what you currently are capable of. This was done intentionally since the opposite would be a big problem, if you think about it. Hence workouts should feel easy. But, when you’re ready, put in a workout that pushes your limits and let Xert establish a new Fitness Signature with the breakthrough. This will mean that your Fitness Signature (hence MPA stats) should all be tuned to you and you should be all set.

Hello Armando, I was a way from training for 7 weeks ( only low intensity of Spin class once a week) I went back to structure training last week, i had 941 MPA, 25HIE and 319 TP before I stopped training. So, I manually set my Fitness Signature and Xert generated 745MPA, 18HIE and 251TP. Then I preformed a very intense 1 hour workout and I had a Breakthrough then Xert generate a new Signature with 841MPA 23HIE and 301TP.
I believe my 301TP is too high and I think I should not be more than 275. I did Hardness level 4 workout and I couldn’t keep up with long 3 or 4min intervals. I did recalculation to my Signature hoping Xert will lower my TP value but stayed the same. Is the 6 week of data required to set things back straight?
Also why do I have 2 stars on my Status when my TL is only 31? Isn’t > 37.5 of TL to get 2 Stars? TY.

You can always manually override the fitness signature by using the calculator or My Fitness / Advanced tab if you feel Xert is being a bit generous. Sometimes, however, the numbers are right only your training load is low so holding on to TP might be harder than when your training load was higher. You may need a few weeks off training in your legs before you can start to work on workouts with higher XSS.

We’ll check to see your star count is 2.

Armando, i’ve found the workout that messed up my Training Status and i deleted it, everything back to normal ( 1 star, 29 TL) It was a workout i did using ONLY my HR strap on XMobile.