Smart workout lost resistance

Halfway through my workout, I lost resistance. It was still ready heartrate and everything. But I couldn’t get the watts above 40 I’m using an Edge 1000. Maybe I need to disable my power reading devices in the 1000?

If it only happened once, your trainer may have simply died and should be unplugged and plugged back in (not uncommon to have to reset some trainers). If it happens with regularity, be sure you don’t have any datafields installed on your Garmin (other than Xert datafields) since some use Background Services during your workout and there are known issues with these datafields and running apps on the Garmin.

Thank you…I did switch over to an endurance ride workout i downloaded from xert. And it seemed to work well. First time this has happened. I’ll reboot the kickr

I forgot to mention this is while zwifting… I do disable that power option on zwift. I’m thinking maybe having heatrate 2 power running… I’ll disable that for indoor training in xert… Thanks again

Same thing this morning… only difference the workout only lasted a few seconds before dying out… I noticed the phone was disconnecting from garmin. But most times the workout was downloaded. I re-connected it all so will have to see how the next workout goes

Thought I had fixed it… but no. I sent in a support ticket