Smart Workout and GPS

Having completed my first smart workout I want to say THANK YOU. I am excited about this new method of training. Eager to try another smart workout as suggested by my profile. I may have done something wrong however because the workout was recorded to my Xert account but did not show up in Garmin Connect nor did the route show up in Xert. When the workout ended I saved it then went and started a ride on my Edge 520 to have a record of my cool down. The cool down showed up in both Xert and Garmin connect with the route recorded. I see others talking about using Smart Workouts on trainers but I did it on the road. Should I have started the ride on my Garmin 520 then gone to the ConnectIQ screen on the Garmin 520 and started the workout? I’ll try that today and see what happens, if it records both the workout and route.

Again thank you for what seems to be a new breakthrough in training methodology.

Double-check your GC account as workouts recorded on your Garmin have to go through GC first before they get to Xert. There is a setting on the app for recording GPS data. By default, it is OFF by you can set it to stay ON. Click the SELECT button on the 520 (tap the screen on the 1000/820) and scroll down to GPS. Select/tap to change.

Thanks for your support and comments!

Thank you for such a prompt response. I did find the GPS was off in the Xert settings. Now turned on. I appreciate the great communication you have with your subscribers.