Smart Training

I was cycling one of the Smart Training programs on the indoor trainer and it was supposed to last 2hrs 18 minutes but ended up being 2hrs 44 minutes does anyone know why this would be on an indoor trainer

This thread hashes things out –

I believe there is a 50% limiter built into Smart interval logic meaning if you stop pedaling altogether or consistently fall short of targets the interval can be up to 50% longer then prescribed. Or if you manage to overpower targets the interval can’t be more than 50% shorter.
Mine are always longer. :slight_smile:


To be honest it’s a lot longer, trainers do fluctuate the power but my intervals were never 50 % under that’s why I posted the question

I didn’t meant 50% over/under target watts. I mean the duration of the recovery/work interval can vary up to 50% +/-. So a 2 minute recovery interval could be 3 minutes long. Or a 30 second work effort could stretch to 45 seconds.
2:44 is only 16% longer than 2:18, not that the entire workout was subject to Smart variations.
The same Smart workout will also vary in duration from one week to the next depending on your current TL, fitness, and any signature changes.
Check to see what type of Smart intervals are defined for that workout by opening it in Workout Designer. Type has a bearing on what happens during the interval since MPA is factored in and that’s a moving target.
At any rate the goal of a Smart workout is to ensure you get the recommend dosage of strain (and recovery) based on your current signature and fitness level.

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Sorry I understand now, thanks for taking the time to explain much appreciated

I will make sure I read the notes as it says not to use ERG mode …I did …numpty lol