Smart Trainer Power to control workout

Use a Kickr Snap for my power data. When doing a workout, the power shows 0 but the trainer power shows what I’m putting out. How do I get the workout to see the trainer power and work with my trainer.

Are you using Xert Mobile or the Garmin app?

I am using the Xert Mobile app. I grabbed a screen shot last night. 32vs5ubRMKG25JBqgAhBfD2_E8NHr3-lmRlazM1AlF2gWTYl0MIBYE_9kz1o9FMv7ilPRBcSncR0OJsyL875miq-UsezGb3LVzCFPpqIym362InhiiYD35j6KGINx1bsLww9aZc_mqKKOXlJ_t2mZvV_hA3_a7H3gDczLHE83utUR1bwT4p_JZ_t4u_WU4PiwsSKkTcdQLM4gC7sVjav4hY9i9em

Unfortunately, the link hasn’t come through correctly. Be sure to have power and trainer control configured on the SCAN tab for the KICKR.

I’m having a similar issue in that the mobile app does not control my trainer (Tacx Vortex). I do not see trainer control on the scan tab for the Vortex, power is selected. This is a trainer that works just fine with my other training app so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

Try using the more reliable ANT FE-C interface on th Android app if possible. Bluetooth connections tend to be different for each trainer and we haven’t had the opportunity to validate our interface for every trainer at this time.

Will give it a shot and get back to you. I believe that’s what I was doing but I’ll make sure later in the day. Much obliged for your help.

Thanks Armando. That did the trick. The trainer was showing with its name as BLE and without its name but with the same ID as ANT+ and I had chosen the named one which was BLE, as you had guessed. Works flawlessly.

I’m having the same issue on a Taxc Flow - power control doesn’t work. Using the android app via bluetooth, unfortunately I don’t have an Ant+ device to test if that works instead.

A regular ANT+ stick and On-the-GO USB adapter (very inexpensive) is all that’s need to use ANT on the Android.

Thanks! Was more for feedback that there seems to be an issue with it.