Smart Trainer Control during Trial

Hi Armando, friends of mine recommended Xert as a very good training tool, as I was looking for one since I have a now a Powermeter (Quarq Dzero) and Smarttrainer (Tacs Flux 2900). I’, already embarrased how much effect my training (some oldschool HiiT) had in the last 2 Months, and I think I’ve never really trained properly when I was younger.
However your smart intervalls seem to be a very interesting method to improve this even further and the Fitness calculations seem very acurate. So I would be very interested to use those intervalls (and the Powermatch function) on my smart trainer either via the Xert Workout Player on my Garmin 520 (I installed it) or the Workoutplayer Android App on my Samsung Galaxy 5 neo. Installation went flawless and all the Sensors were found, listed and activated (Smart Trainer removed from Sensors on the Garmin).
The Trainer control did not work though, meaning I could not use the set Power function such as e.g. in the Tacx Traini ng App. I understood the Trial period to have full funcionality or is this simply not included? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Thanks for your Advice!

You should have full trainer control during the trial period. Only limitation is that you can only try out the default workout at this time. Are you having trouble with the Garmin app (be sure to SELECT the trainer) or with the Android App (SCAN for the trainer … often good to use ANT over Bluetooth as it is generally better supported). Be sure you don’t have some other app running (like Zwift, e.g.) that is controlling the trainer at the same time.

Thanks for signing up! And we hope you enjoy using Xert.

I started the workout thats available and tried both, the Garmin and the App one after another and neither worked. I had ANT and Bluetooth activated for the APP simultaneously though (and found the Trainer on both). So I try to use only ANT+. Lets See how this works.

On the 520, you can click the SELECT button and then select STATUS PAGE, navigate the pages with UP/DOWN and see if your Trainer is connected. If not, be sure the use the BACK button to open the Trainer menu and SELECT to select the trainer.

Hi Armando, thanks for your suggestions. It worked! For the Android App after I turned off Bluetooth and for the Garmin Player after I checked all the connections. So tomorrow I try the Workout! Cheers, Wilfried