Smart trainer cadence

Hi. Experimented running a workout using the CIQ app with Edge 520 and Tacx Bushido smart this morning. Trainer reports power cadence and speed but Xert could only see wattage. No power meter on that bike so relying on Trainer sensors. Also after first attempt the app reported an http request error and would not refresh the chosen workout. Remove existing sensor from the Garmin as instructed.

Good news now got cadence and speed but still working on the http error. Seems the 520 now sees each Trainer sensor both collectively and separately under each category. Reconnecting all on the Garmin and then switching each off before going to the app fixed it. Am I right in thinking I want powermatch on?

Try forcing the player to logout using the App Settings in GCM or Garmin Express.

Thanks now working reinstalled and re authenticated maybe to do with going from trial to premium? Powermatch is on.