SMART - No Time To Cry

Hi I’ve just completed the Smart - No Time To cry workout. I found that the cadence recommendation was quite high is this normal? Cadence at base level was 110rpm rising up to 130rpm for the higher wattages. I have a single crank 4iii power meter with wahoo kickr. With this setup I found the power readings to be very variable and the trainer control to be slow. I never seem to get above threshold on the 3 minute sections. Any Ideas?

Mark. The cadence recommendation engine will take sometime to learn your specific preferences. It generally takes about 20 minutes or so of consistent results before you’ll see it adjust.

Are you using powermatch? The first edition KICKR is slow to ramp up but shouldn’t be too big of a deal. You may need to use your gears to force power up during shorter intervals. If you tap the screen / click select on the 1000/520, you can select STATUS PAGE and use swipe/up-down to see the Slope and Intercept for the 4iii-to-trainer. Let us know what those two values are for you.

Thanks, Yes I think I’m using power match,but it’s difficult to know if it’s reading the 4iii power meter or the wahoo power meter. I will have a fiddle around as it’s the first time I’ve used the Xert Player with the smart workout. Thanks Mark