Smart intervals

I take it from the Mastering Xert videos that some Smart workouts have Smart intervals, some do not. Some of those with Smart intervals are Smart power intervals, some are Smart duration intervals. When looking at recommended smart workouts, how do we know or find those that have smart intervals, and which type of smart intervals. It states on the videos that smart duration intervals are good for the road.

Hi Barry, good question! Most of the ‘SMART’ dynamic functionalities relate to high intensity workouts, though there are a few endurance SMART workouts that use %LTP or XSSR to define the endurance effort.

To answer your question… If you want, you could open the workout in Xert and quickly scan through the intervals steps - look for steps that use Target MPA (TMPA), XSSR, MMP, etc.

Here’s a workout that uses Target MPA as a percent of Peak Power (%PP MPA). These intervals will adapt up/down such that the interval ends with your MPA at the defined % of Peak Power:

While the workout is running, the SMART features should be identified in the Xert EBC app(s) - look for text that indicates Target: SMART or XSSR. In the Xert Workout Player for Garmin, any SMART interval is indicated with Purple-coloured text for the Target Power & Interval Time remaining.

Thanks for the explanation Scott. I think it would be a good idea if it could be known from the workout information panels which ones have Smart intervals or an option on the filters in the Workout search.