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Newbie question again, I have just found out that I can change the mode of work outs to make some AI generated work out efforts manageable / real world like, so when I have an effort which has some sprints do I engage the Slope before hand and revert back to auto once the effort has passed?

I have read some posts on the forum but still not clear how to use this function.


Hi Shibli, good question!

We have a quick explanation of Trainer Modes here:

Slope mode basically mimics what it would feel like to ride outdoors… a 0.0% slope will make your smart trainer feel like you’re riding on flat ground outdoors. Setting slope to 5.0% will make it feel like you’re riding up a 5% incline, so you’d likely need to shift to a different gear.

To answer your specific question… You could do the entire workout in Slope mode if you want! But definitely for sprint efforts SLOPE mode can be helpful! I’ve found that a slope of 0.0-0.5% works for endurance efforts, while a steeper slope of ~4-5% is better for short/hard sprints.

Maybe post a screenshot of your AI-recommended workouts so others can see it too and provide their thoughts.

Thanks, attached is the ride I have in mind, so I can start off in “Auto” and then move to “Slope” before a sprint? Or would it be better to leave it on slope from the start and use my gears on the Wattbike for the whole ride and adjust the % throughout?

I’d probably leave that one in Slope mode other than warm-up and cooldown.
What you can do is start it on AUTO and see how the first set goes.
You’ll know by the second interval whether you want to continue in AUTO.
Trainer response may be an issue which is easily handled when you’re in Slope mode.
Make sure to take advantage of those low watt RIBs (rest-in-between).
What I love about hard AIG workouts is the declining targets. If you barely get through the first set, you’ll convince yourself the next set will be “easier”. :smiley:

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And it will be and at the same time won’t be :wink:
This and for longer blocks XSSR is one of the best features of Xert workouts IMHO. They feel exactly right. If they were all the same here or normal rectangular blocks instead of XSSR they get harder and harder until you give up or at least I tend to, I’m not the hero type :upside_down_face:
…and then I’m disappointed with myself and who wants that instead of a hard but doable satisfying workout?