Signature parameters under Account Settings Profile

I understand using MPA analysis to adjust out of line ride values etc within the trickle down process, but when and why would you make and save changes via the account settings profile? Is it just to provide initial values when using the Recalculate Progression button? Otherwise what effect will making changes on the profile page have on the on the existing trickle down process and subsequent sig values?

It only affects the subsequent activities if you simply change the values. For example, if you wish to use different values in your next workout, change the values and they will be used in your next workout intensity calculations.

Thanks Armando - so is its effect the same as 1) changing and locking your latest ride, or 2) just changing and saving (but not locking) your latest ride? Can you see the change in the table?

Yes. Better to save/lock onto your last ride if you want to see it permanently in the table.