Signature overestimated

I have found recently that my signature is over estimated a bit. My coach uses wko+ or golden cheetah and it is suggesting my TP is about 320, not 333 like xert suggests. I have struggled to hold 333 for even 10-15mins. How can one fix this. It hasn’t seemed to adjust down.

Let me know if it is okay to talk about your previous activiities publicly. I can explain why your TP is not likely to be 320W. If not, email me at

Yea, totally fine. What are your thoughts?

Your last breakthrough was on Apr 26th. TP was 333W at that time. You have not had any activities since then that have expressed your fitness (no circles or medals since then). You had also locked your May 16th activity to have the same signature as the Apr 26th. This prevented any decline in your signature since then. After having removed the lock and forcing a new trickle-down from Apr 26th, the results are now in your profile. Your TP has come down to 322W, but this is not from an signature extraction and is simply the standard decline from Apr 26th. Looking at your TL, it has gone from a peak of 99 to now 82. I don’t expect your TP to have declined as much as 11W over this time but it will likely be pretty close to this in fact. Best try and push yourself sometime in the near future to get a better gauge on things. Expect to come in somewhere between 322W to 325W.

Awesome. I figured because of my recent recline in TL that my ftp dropped a bit. That sounds a lot more accurate. Thank you.