Signature is invalid

I’ve had a Xert account for a while but I just joined the premium service yesterday. I did my first ride last night using the Android workout player but now every time I load the activity from my dashboard to look at the data I get a pink popup that says “the signature is invalid” and I have a constant spinning icon down in the area where the graph should be. Any idea what the issue might be? Thanks!

Your signature had dropped much too low since your last breakthrough was in August. It was reset. Please check the current setting (use the Signature Calculator to see the power curve) and if it is reasonable continue to train with this but do attempt to generate a breakthrough workout (i.e. fitness test like workout) so that the system can correctly assess your fitness and set workout intervals. Thanks for coming back!

Thanks for the info! I am hoping to get out and do a fitness test sometime this weekend if the weather cooperates. Thanks again!