Signature is Invalid

Hey Guys,

When I go to analyze the last few workouts that I’ve done, a red box is popping up stating ‘Signature is Invalid’ and I am not able to see the details of Power, MPA, etc. My most recent (Dec 19th) has an abnormally high XSS as well! Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 7

Thank you!!


your PP seems too high, probably a fake power spike. You can check this in GoldenCheetah, delete the faulty power spike and then re-import to Xert.

You can use the Activity Table page to try and find the activity that generated the power spike and remove it. Sometimes you may need to do a Progression Recalculation. Please check the FAQs on how to do that.

Thanks for looking guys! Found the problem file, edited in GoldenCheetah and re-uploaded! Much better! Thank you!

Shane, could you kindly email support the before and after versions of the activity and a description of what the anomaly was? We can look to improve our anomaly detection. Thanks.

Sure thing! What’s the best email address?

Armando, not sure if this should stay on this thread, but ever since I updated that file, my Fitness Planner changed, giving a suggested weekly focus of GC Specialist for all the upcoming weeks to my chosen event, which is an event that is Breakaway Specialist based. Does that seem right?!

Gotta add to this now. After lining up my workouts for this week to work towards GC Specialist, now suddenly it’s showing Sprint Time-Trialist?! Something is going wonky here. I had just uploaded lots of old training, but I waited until processing was complete before starting the schedule adjust I mentioned above. Super confused here.

Now back to GC Specialist? If service is being done, it’d be so nice to have a notifier so we’re not confused during these odd changes! Thank you!

Please note the discrepancies in Program Phase, Workout Focus and Training Status/Form. Thank you!

Xert Discrepancies

Clear your cache. Looks like you have some older javascript.

Problem solved, thank you! I’ll get those files over soon as well! Thank you!