"Signature is Invalid"

I just signed up today (after trial expired some time ago) and synced a bunch of rides from Strava and also synced a new activity tonight. When I look at this activity I briefly see a notification “Signature is Invalid” and I don’t see the chart on the page, the spinner just keeps on spinnin’. Any ideas why this would happen? This was a virtual ride (Zwift) which I’ve done many times before and haven’t had this problem. I’ve tried resyncing the activity from Strava. Even tried syncing the activity from Garmin Connect AND also a manual upload of the FIT file. Nothing worked. I also tried Recalculating progression and also saving my signature from my second most recent activity. still no go.

What does the Activity Table say about the activity’s signature?

It shows a valid signature: PP=890W, HIE=4.8Kj, TP=276W

Thanks Robert. It is quite rare to see HIE < 5kj and the system is saying it is invalid. I suspect you may be in a period of detraining and your TP is also much lower than it has been in the past. We should likely adjust the limit as to what is “Invalid” as this can happen but I suspect that once you push a bit harder in your next workout, you should see your HIE and TP increase to “valid” levels. HTH

Thanks Armando. Yep, I’m certainly detraining at the moment, I have no endurance, just trying to keep the legs turning over till I start training again. I don’t think my TP is anywhere near 276 right now, it’s more like 200-220

Considering how high TP has been and at such low training load levels, you’d be quite the athlete at 3 and 4 stars.

Hmmmm, not sure about quite an athlete… maybe if I lost 10-20Kg and 10-20 years! The events I focus on are long day endurance events, such as Peaks Challenge Falls Creek - 235km, 4000m climbing

The data doesn’t know your age. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think what might be making things look better than they are is the fact that I only got a power meter a couple of months ago, so all the outdoor training I did over the last 1.5 years has no power. It’s only the indoor training I did on TrainerRoad and Zwift that has power, so I think my Xert data is not giving the full picture. That will change, now, in the lead up to my next event.