Signature is Invalid on all activities

I was a former member of Xert, stopped using, and resubscribed today. I uploaded all my recent cycling activities (from 3/1/20 to today 4/14/20). On all of the actitivities, it states ‘Signature is invalid’. The power data is nominal for all of them. On the first one, from 3/1, the MAP goes down quickly and most of my ride is said to be above MAP. I’ve updated my Fitness Signature with no luck. Any help available?

File a support request by emailing:
That creates a ticket for a timely reply.
90 days of data would be better. A year’s worth more so if you have that available on Strava.

Yup. Best to take these types of requests to us directly via the support email listed above. Someone will take a look into it there. Cheers