Signature is Invalid Error

I went to look at the workout I did today and now every workout I’ve done since April give an error “signature is invalid” when I open it, my FTP is 100W below what it was and my break-though from yesterday is no longer recognized.

I’m unsure what to do to fix the issue.

I’d recommend contacting support directly. They’ll be able to help you.

Hi Evan,

I had a look at your account - looks like there were a couple activities with some erroneous peak power data that was skewing things. I flagged those activities and recalculated the progression. Things should be looking much better now!


For any interested DIYers in the future here are the steps:

  1. Select Activities, Table in XO menu
  2. Look at recent activities for unusual PP values. You can also click twice on the PP column to sort by highest entries and look for recent dates.
  3. Select any out-this-world entries :slight_smile: and flag them (click icon in upper right).

“Fitness signatures are being updated” will appear at the top of screen with a progress bar.
When finished any flagged entries will now show a red flag in the Flag column.
You are not wiping out workout stats but the entry is ignored for signature calculations.
If you flag an activity in error you can reverse the changes by clicking on the red flag.

The more laborious alternative is to view the activity by clicking on the name, determine what’s wrong, export and fix the problem with (Power Adjuster or Peak Removal) then import back in and delete the bad activity.

Flagging Activities – Xert (