Signature is Invalid after an Outdoor Metric Century

Hi guys,

So I did an outdoor metric century today (118km) and when I try to look at my activity (uploaded from Strava) in more detail an error pops up saying ‘Signature is Invalid.’ I stopped for about 45 minutes during the ride and did not pause my Garmin but it does pause automatically (not sure if it would have anything to do with the invalid signature, just mentioning it in case it does).

My last breakthrough effort was 3 days ago on Zwift.

Thank you in advance for your help!

The ride in itself isn’t going to change much in your signature.
You could delete the ride and enter the data manually.
I suspect the Garmin pause is connected with the invalid signature. Or you could recalculate your signature.

Hi @marcinkempka ,

For technical issues like this, its best to reach out directly to our support team. Cheers!

Thank you! I actually deleted it, downloaded the file from Garmon Connect and uploaded to XERT. Seems to be OK now.

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