Signature calculator: TP way to high

Hi, I am new with Xert and have just uploaded 13 workouts and rides from GC (last 3 months) to Xert to get started. After transfering the data, Xert is telling me that my TP ist 376 Watts. That is way to high.
My sFTP was 192 Watts in Oct. 16, my mFTP according to GC is 200 Watts. I am 69 years old, been riding for 7 years. My best FTP ever was 220 in 2015. My bike season ended in Oct. last year. Since than, I have taken a bike break, been mostly doing ski mountaineering and just one hour session of Spinning a week. So, my TP cannot be that high. Could it be that there was an error when transfering the data to Xert, or is there another explanation ?

Would gladly appreciate any comments.


Hi Joseph. Looks like your signature was somehow set to 1300W, 96kJ, 436W which was obviously an error. It doesn’t look like you’ve had much training in the past while so your signature is a bit lower than what it may have been when you were fitter. Test things out now and see if you can get yourself a breakthrough to raise your TP and other parameter values. If your mFTP and sFTP are what you can do today, this should be fairly easy. Good luck and thanks for checking out Xert!