Showing laps in activities

Are you able to provide a visual example? If you use the MPA datafield on your Garmin, you’ll be able to see MPA data in Garmin Connect so perhaps use that to explain together with the lap indicators.

Just curious to hear what you would find more helpful for learning or understanding Xert. We’ve made efforts for users who are genuinely curious and interested to learn more.

Unfortunately, human physiology is quite complex, so creating a tool to help understand it isn’t exactly an easy task.

I can understand the well made arguments for adding interval information. However there are tools that do that already and I doubt that there are many Xert users who do not use an additional product in conjunction with Xert.

A few weeks ago I sent an email to Support and posted in this forum and facebook that the calculation of the avg interval power by Xert Player was wrong. And still it is. I do not understand why the problem is not solved yet. I sent a second email and nothing. The problem is that the software takes 0 watts as the first value of every interval to make the average, which seems easy to fix. I recognize the high value of MPA analysis and I like it very much but monitoring the avg interval power is very useful to me. I do not use ERG mode and adjust manually the resistance as riding outside.

I don’t compete but I’m all for something that can boost your performance or help you climb faster. :smiley:
Please explain how comparing laps/intervals will lead to positive changes in your performance and fitness level.
Other than “handy”, “interesting”, “cool to see” or “potential insight”, what are some real world examples with actionable benefits?

Lap analysis sounds more useful when you actually ride a closed course consisting of X laps where you tackle each lap differently and compare the results. I suppose that could apply to hill repeats such as “lap 3” was faster than “lap 1” possibly due to cadence change or MPA drawdown difference. However, there could be other factors not necessarily captured in the data such as wind change, temperature drop, traffic interference, flatulence, etc.

As far as analysis of long outdoor rides, I don’t understand what practical benefit you could achieve through lap/interval analysis. There are too many variables, plus what would it prove and how would the results affect future training?

Assuming there is some value to it, implementation could consist of displaying a lap analysis button for those activities that include lap markers in the data. When you tap that button a special chart/table is displayed that magically makes you go faster next time. :wink:

Actually you can say the same about MPA, or XSS or TL or other metrics - none make you faster on their own; training does.

Intervals are just a convenient way to make analysis and comparison easier - within a ride or between rides.

For base rides (80 to 90% of rides) it’s about power vs HR… within a ride laps can help identify drift (ideally you compare two similar efforts, to avoid the other variables you mention… eg power vs Hr for the last 5 minutes of a steady 8 min interval, early vs late in a ride), or over time similar intervals can be compared to show changes in efficiency. These indicate quality of aerobic base, which can inform training focus and even intensity of endurance rides. That analysis could be done manually, but it’s cumbersome in the existing Xert set up, so I go elsewhere for those insights.

So I also agree with @johnnybike there are other platforms - though not all are free, and I suspect many would appreciate a way to save some money by having a one-stop shop (or be happy paying the same overall to a single company for that convenience = more money for Xert or whoever does it).

(Also appreciate Xert’s resources are not unlimited)


I agree with this.

The point also is we’re invested in the unique way that Xert works and measures metrics so jumping to another platform to view laps is redundant as the Xert data doesn’t carry across.

It’s whether or not you view it as fundamentally useful is subjective, but it’s something that seems to be widely implemented over other platforms, would be nice to see here at some point in the future

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“Cool to look at” is fine and dandy if it will boost subscriptions. :slight_smile:

HR drift is quite apparent in the current Xert chart format and easily isolated against power using the chart’s key icons. It’s easy to see differences between interval sets indoors, but I’m not sure how well it works for outdoor rides.

@xertedbrain is asking someone to provide an example of what you want lap analysis to look like along with an explanation of what it does.
A mockup, screenshot from another app, or whatever visual example you can come up with would be helpful.

I have never used laps in the past so I am not sure what you are expecting, but my thought was there would be a lap analysis button on the activity’s chart view that is normally greyed out if no lap markers exist in the data. If markers exist then vertical lines would be shown on the chart to easily ID lap sections for the entire activity. If you click the analysis button a new view would pop-up that overlays (or stacks?) the laps sections and displays comparative stats. I think an overlay would be the best option with a key below labeled Lap 1, Lap 2, etc. so you could enable/disable which laps you want to compare. The default view with all laps enabled would indicate the overall pattern and variance. You would also need ability to select which data sets you want to compare (Power, MPA, Cadence, HR, anything else?).

If this feature is viable to implement then EBC needs a lap function as well. :slight_smile:

Agree with this proposal/idea. I regularly do some uphill sprints with a lead-in, repetitive on the same location. Would be nice to see what the lead-in does to your max power output looking at MPA every lap. But also see if/how the starting MPA is declining after doing the effort for the 4th of 5th time.

Hi @jacksedgwick

As an update to this thread, you are able to view your activity lap information using the ‘Advanced Stats’ tab. You’ll be able to see all the relevant information about the lap (power, speed, etc.) but we’ve also added starting/ending MPA and the lap focus/specificity information, to provide an Xert twist on what’s already available elsewhere. Hope you get a chance to test it out! Cheers


Hi @ManofSteele Thanks for the Lap function. Couple of points.

  1. Can you incorporate Average Heart Rate in the info please?
  2. Slight Bug I think I’ve found
    Open Activity- Advanced Stats- Segments to Laps - Lap details show.
    Back to MPA Activity - Back to Advanced Stats - Lap info has disappeared - Refresh - Still not there- Change Laps to Segments then back to Laps_ Hey Presto its appeared.

Thanks Cary,

We’re investigating - should have it sorted soon :slight_smile:

So sorry.

Have been raising children / starting a business so haven’t ridden for a while let alone trained,

Thanks so much for listening to feedback and taking it onboard & implementing this. Appreciative of the service.


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