Show last workout on app

Hi Armando, is or would it be possible for the Android app to show the last used workouts by default, even better add a “personal” folder so you don’t lose time searching for workouts?
Also is or would it be possible, in My Coach, to create a workout then drag/drop to an Athlete? And to be able to view their workouts folder without logging in to their Xert would be cool.

You should be able to create a workout and schedule it on your athlete’s planner. They’ll see all your workouts under the Coach tab. Would take a bit of work to store workout recent history so-to-speak. Can understand the productivity gain but perhaps just using the planner and assigning the appropriate time might avoid having to do that altogether?

Roger that, thanks, I’ll try it this way.

I’m a bit disappointed, I was expecting that workouts scheduled in the Fitness Planner would be what the Xert Player ( on Garmin or Android ) would cue up each new day. But it seems that to get the player to run any workout you have to go through several screens and locate the workout you want each day.

They should be autoselected. Is this not happening for you?

no, it doesn’t seem to. I tried a few times.

Check your timezone perhaps. If you schedule a workout for today, for example, and modify the time so that it should be scheduled in the next 15 minutes, when you open up the player right after the time is reached, you should see it show on the player.

I could try that, but my expectation is to schedule at least 4 weeks trainings, and then not have to do anything except start the Garmin each day, look at which workout I do , and then do it. It’s a problem of time - or lack of it

I checked the Timezone , and rescheduled another workout as you suggested, but my Garmin only shows an unrelated workout ( not even the “selected workout” )

Same here. I’m using Android not using a Garmin, but app still doesn’t show the workout for todays training . Does anyone have this working?

Hi Sabine/Phillip, these are the only two reports we’ve had so far. We’re digging into it and see why this is happening to you. We’re not able to reproduce the issue using our test accounts. We’ll let you know what we find.

Thanks Armando! Probably operator error :wink:

Hi Sabine. The system will deliver “time crunched sweetspot” to the player. Do you see “Phone not connected” when you run the player? You’ll need to wait until your phone is connected and then start the player since it will grab your selected workout through your phone’s internet connection. Philip, you should be getting “recovery”. Also check and confirm you have internet connectivity too. Let us know which workout you’re seeing.

Yes, it does. If I run that workout for couple of minutes, end it and save it , it’s still the only one in “Selected” . The next workout on the same day isn’t available. Does this mean I can only schedule one workout per day to automatically cue up?

Yes. I get that. The Garmin shows that Workout, but it’s not in the planner, it’s the selected workout. Shall I schedule another workout for today and test it?

Philip, you’ll need to schedule them for a specific time if you want more than one per day. The default time is 5:00.

Sabine, once its scheduled time has passed and is selected, it’s moved off the planner since, technically, its start date is in the past and isn’t “scheduled” per se. The expiration process as we call it, removes scheduled activities from your progression automatically when their time has passed. If they contain a workout, it gets selected.

Logical. Thankyou.

Ok, I’ll set up some Workouts for the next days with careful attention to times, and we’ll see if it runs. Thanks for the great support, much appreciated.

I just had some success, it seems that if there is an activity sitting on the planner page, it somehow blocks the next planned workout from appearing on the device. I deleted the activity on the dashboard and then everything worked.