Shouldn't the SMART intervall length increase if i havent reached target MPA?

When doing a SMART workout i often dosent get a chance to lower my MPA to the target MPA during an interval. Shouldn’t the intervalls length or target power increase until the target MPA value has been reached in these cases?

To ensure intervals would NOT continue forever and forever if you couldn’t complete them, there are some additional stopgaps in place, such as limiting the change in interval time to +/- 50% (i.e. the interval can only be twice as long or twice as short, regardless of how hard you are or aren’t pedaling).

With a recent update to the workout player, we now have two types of SMART intervals - SMART dynamic duration (fixed power) and SMART dynamic power (fixed duration). We’ve only really integrated the SMART dynamic duration intervals into the library so far, but we may add some fixed duration, SMART power workouts in the future.


Okok i see. Seems like im far from +50% though, but i havent checked this thoroughly so i may be wrong.

However, maybe you could add a function where after the interval has been completed it pops up a number that states how much longer or shorter the intervall was and how much more or less power it was completed with with the SMART adjustment than what the interval was programmed with before the real time SMART adjustment? For example: completed interval > small popup +20sec -16w or -5sec +13w etc.

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It’s a neat idea… some sort of “workout accuracy” metric has been discussed on the forum before.