Should I go for XSS or TL

Hello nice pleople,

I did an extensive review of the forum and website. I did find a topic which is really near to the asnwer I’m looking for but: I recently cleaned my Xert history and started aprogram for 120 days, GC specialist, Moderate-1 imp. rate. Additionally, I’m now just adding cycling activties no cross-fit or other. Atm I’m in the pre-base phase (base phase will start tomorrow). I generally do group rides on Saturdays a ride of about 250 XSS, sometimes a little less some others times higher (350 I think was a max).
This is the Weekly stats atm with a training session yet to be done (later today).


As you can see I already included a group ride/activity type for Saturday (around XSS 250).

My question is:
If I look at my TL vs my XSS I see a big gap between a missing 250 XXS and 2.3 of TL. If I do the group ride on Saturday for 250 XSS what is the TL impact ?

To avoid overtraining shouldn’t I aim to a constant low increase of TL, rather than focusing mearly on total XSS at the end of the week?

Similarly, what is the impact on the Ramp rate? I though I was supposed to increase by 0.2/week with a moderate rate.

Any clarification is much appreciated.

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