Should I do a 'map test'?

I was a fairly strong rider and ftp was about 320-340. I have recently had a break for a month and are starting to ride again.
Currently xert estimates that my ftp is about 300, and I want to test the map for accurate measurements. What I would like to know is that if i do a map test will xert consider it “Breakthrough”? I was a bit hesitant because I did not find “Breakthrough” when I ran the map test in the past.
It is so hot for reference that I do not plan on riding so hard to find Breakthrough outdoors for the time being.

You’ll need some sort of a maximal effort to get a breakthrough and an update to the fitness signature. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a MAP test. The results of the MAP test are often dependent upon the interval increments and duration, so not every MAP test may result in a breakthrough if you spend a large amount of time right under TP before the maximal effort.

Today I conducted a map test.
As measured by map test, my ftp was calculated as 320.
This is a record of more than 20 ftp expected by xert, but my a breakthrough and a fitness signature was not updated as expected.
When xert judges a breakthrough, it appears that ‘mpa’ should be sufficiently low, and xert does not reflect the map test.