Shift in training status and surplus

A few days ago I was mostly “trained” and more or less on track according to my daily surplus/deficit.
Today after uploading my training and dreading que deficit value (I had to skip a ride a couple of days ago, because life) I see that my status for the previous days had gone down to “recreational” and after today’s ride bumped back to “trained”.
The main issue is the surplus. After walking the thin surplus/deficit line the past weeks I now have a huge surplus and my recommended next activity is 5 days away! That can’t be right!

Any insight?

If you’re seeing a large surplus, increase your Improvement Rate as it appears that you have been doing more training this past week relative to previous weeks. If you had some big rides this past week, then yes you now have a surplus and can afford to take time off and still achieve your improvement rate. This means that training is optional (not that you need rest necessarily) and if you have Freshness and the time, you should boost your Improvement Rate and continue to train.