Share Ride on Xert EBC Karoo2


I have 3 questions about “Share Ride” on Xert EBC:

1- Will it be available on xert ebc Karoo2?

2 - Can you explain “Local” and “Squad” in the Share ride options.

3 - Is it possible to share a ride with a person who does not have a XERT account on the Xert EBC application. Maybe the possibility of creating a supervision account only (it would be for my manager).

Thank you for your answers.

Data Sharing on rides is still in beta. Currently there are 2 options:

LOCAL will share your data with other riders within 5k radius who also are sharing with LOCAL. SQUAD will share your data with any squad members in your community that also are sharing using SQUAD. Simple as that.

Works on Android Xert EBC apps and requires a network connection (can use wifi or bt tethering with your unit) in order for it to work.

Needs to work its way through Karoo approval before you’ll see it on your Karoo, note.