Setting Time for Training Status / Advise as of

Hi all,

I noticed something strange.
When I try to set the time for the Training Status / Advise in " Goals and Settings" to “00:01” and update it shows “12:01 PM” in the ATA.
Only when I set it to “01:00” or later it shows as “AM”.
Any clues?

Gr Johan B

I suspect a programming issue, dealing with 12 or 24 hour formats. Other than that, setting your time 2 minutes earlier or later, won’t make a difference.

I have set my time to 19:00 as I never start training much later than 17:00, so I always know my (exact) target for the day, although I don’t really care if I match it or not.

So, by setting it at a time you know will be past or close to your latest finish time, you’re better managing your target. Even if you train at 10:00, it will subtract it from your 19:00 target and you know if you may want to add in another session later in the day.