Setting no decay from last breakthrough

hi so i went to my last breakthrough, went into the advanced MPA and hit save…i then went to account setting and switched to no decay…its showing my TP quite a bit higher. The breakthrough effort shows the TP 10 watts higher than the breakthough effort was now…so i dont think its starting the no decay from that event…what am i doing wrong?

Do you consider the last BT as valid? How long ago was it?
What are you trying to accomplish?
No Decay doesn’t mean TP won’t change (up or down) but affects how signature change tracks in relation to TL when no BT events are occurring to validate your signature.

yes i considerate it pretty valid, it was about 5 weeks ago. i get a lot of “almost breakthrough” when im not going for a breakthrough and its dropping my TP and annoying for me to look at :joy: so i want to be based off the work and not efforts

Not sure I follow exactly but if you want to move to no decay, you need to change that first in account settings, then go into advanced MPA and save/lock (you may now need to unlock the activity, and then save again, given it’s already locked).

If it’s just about near breakthroughs, you can flag it (other metrics such as strain, load are still used), or just live with it and beat it next time you are fresh :wink:

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For clarification, No Decay doesn’t mean that your signature will never go down!

The setting is called “No Decay - Training Load Matched”. What this means is that your signature will change, depending on changes in your training load(s). If your training loads are going up, expect the signature to go up. If your training loads are staying relatively constant, expect little to no change in signature. If your training loads go down, you can expect your fitness signature to go down as well.

In the OP’s case, I suspect their TL has increased in the last 5 weeks since that BT effort, thus resulting in a higher TP now than they had at that time. Maybe they can post an image of their XPMC for the last ~5 weeks or 3 months and we can confirm that’s the case.

As @wescaine already mentioned. If you wish to apply No Decay to all activities starting from your last BT, you can switch to ‘No Decay - Training Load Matched’ and then Flag/Unflag that activity. All activities after that BT will be re-calculated using the No Decay method. Hope this helps/makes sense!