Setting Day of Week Time Limits

I am not sure if this exists already as a suggestion, but I would like to have the ability to set the hours I have available each day of the week. When I set the hours available for a Monday, for example, it would limit the suggested rides to those that meet those set time limits.
I know that the system learns from your weekly riding patterns and that there is a filter on the Advisor. However, when working in the Planner the suggested rides are not always appropriate in duration. Thanks


You can use the filter function and choose the duration range. So if I have only 2 hours to train then I choose a range from 1h45m to 2h15m.

Hope this helps.

When you click on a day, not on the ‘automatically create recommended workout’ icon, but anywhere else, the popup will (still) suggest recommended workouts, but you can ignore and/or filter them for duration.

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Thanks, I just tried clicking on the empty space and then filtering that worked. I also tried setting the filter on the adviser page and then going to the planner and the filter was applied to the auto selected workout in planner. Great options that will work.
Ultimately I think a weekly calendar limiter would be better. My main reason is that in the winter on the trainer most will spend less time than in the spring and summer when they can be outside training longer. The AI that figures how much time you have till take time to adapt but if you can just change it manually indicating now I have 2 hours everyday but Sunday then we are saving some steps.
Thanks again for the help guys.

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With you on the less hours thing during ‘indoor season’. It took Xert some time and I have forced myself to ignore the XSS deficit for the duration, but my recommendations are now in line with the time I have - or am willing and capable of indoors - to spend…

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