Setting a big week as a goal?


I’m planning a week-long, very high volume, mixed-intensity cycling trip next March. Where I’d normally ride 150-200 miles per week, I’ll be doing over 500 miles that week, including thousands of meters of climbing. So my weekly distance and hours in the saddle are going to spike cosiderably.

How should I set my Xert goal to arrive at that week well prepared? Do I go through a traditional, base, build, peak cycle and just set a goal for a “century rider” at the start of that week?


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I’m no expert but I would pop the date into xata and go with the “target event” option. Depending on your current training load (TL) I would go with the greatest Improvement Rate I know I could manage. What with March being about 16 weeks away.

I’m not sure if Century Rider is the best Athlete Type. Possibly Armando @xertedbrain or Scott @ManofSteele could advise.

Hi @avitch ,

Great question! For a multi-day “event”, the biggest priority for you will be to boost your training load as much as possible before then. The higher your training load (e.g. the more stars you have in your profile), the easier you’ll find it to do long rides back to back to back days.

You could use the Target Event Date option, as @oldcyclist65 recommended, using a lower athlete type (GC Specialist, Climber, or Pursuiter would be good options). Alternative, you could use the ‘Continuous Improvement’ option, also set to one of those athlete types. Try and find an improvement rate (IR) that will allow you to build for a few weeks, then consider a rest week at ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Taper’ IR to allow yourself to freshen up before increasing your IR again.

Without seeing your data/numbers at all, I’d say hitting a TL of 100 (right around 4.0 stars) or higher would be a good goal to aim for.