Set training hours

Hi Matt,

Are you asking how you can set how many hours you have to train for each week? If so, you can find that under the ‘GOALS’ tab on the main page. You can select an Improvement Rate that matches your time availability for the week from there. Cheers

Hi Newton,

You can set the usual activity time in the fitness planner to 5:30/6:00am, and the fitness planner will then show your freshness/fitness at that point in time for every day on the planner.

Your recommended workouts are calculated on the fly every time you log in. HTH

The Usual Activity Time gets stored in the browser’s cache. If you change browsers or open the page incognito, it will set it to the current time. If you use the same browser, the value should be maintained.

Hey all, sorry I thought I typed in my question but it turns out I only typed in the subject line and hit send by mistake.

What I was asking about time availability is how do I set my rides/workouts for a certain lengths of time during the work week, then longer rides over the weekend. I believe I am like most, if not all, of us on here who are basically in the same boat with time availability. With working a 40 (sometimes a bit more) hour work week and taking care of other life things, I have about 1 hour 30-45 minutes left for a ride in the evening after work. But, on Saturday, Sunday and most holidays I have about 3-5 hours. So I was wanting to know how to set my schedule up accordingly so the fitness planner picks the rides out each day to fit the time I have available. I’ll try Scott’s suggestion by posting around with the goals tab.

Thanks .

The XATA will also learn how you typically train. As you mentioned, do your shorter rides during the week, and longer rides on the weekend. XATA will learn that you have more time to train on weekends and less time to train during the week, which will be reflected in the daily workout suggestions. HTH