Sessions workout difference

I’m signed up for todays “Mount Cook Sprints” Group session and was just wondering why the ride differs when viewed?

The Group session shows the workout (The Time Is Now) as

Focus: Pursuiter,

XSS: 108.

But when I look at the actual “The Time Is Now” workout it shows as

Focus: Puncheur,

XSS: 101.

Anyone have any thoughts on the above?

The Difficulty, XSS, Focus for the group session are determined by the Session’s creator. Clicking on the session details (or joining the session) will load the Difficulty, Focus, & XSS for the workout using your signature. Depending on subtle differences between each user’s signatures (and execution of the workout), there can be small differences :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense! Cheers

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Issue should be resolved for sessions within the current week.

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