Sessions group ride feedback

I signed up to the 6 hour all rounder group sessions and did my first one at 13.00 (uk time) today.

Not much of a group ride. 9 people signed up to do today’s 13.00 session but I was the only one there. Disappointing.

The videos are obviously filmed from a car and slowed down. They’re missing the realistic angle tilt whilst riding round bends. The fulgaz videos would have been a better option to play within the session player.

I don’t think these are for me.

Many Bike the World videos have tilt and sway. Some don’t. Possibly a motorbike on that route?
All are professionally produced with the cyclist’s viewpoint in mind.

If you want control over video selection, try a solo session instead.
XO, Sessions, Sessions Library, click on a title, sample the video from there. Many to choose from.
You can create quick and easy solo workouts from the library with a recommended workout for the day. Or create a private group session with workout of your choice.
Locate a video that interests you (as above), click Copy in upper right, select Workout tab and pick from the recommended list or use Filter, then Save. For private group session change category to your community club before saving.
When ready to workout go to Sessions Library, change dropdown to Personal, click Play Now on your solo session, then run EBC.

Here’s my 90-minute workout from this morning —
Coastal Denmark, nearly all of which is in the bike lane on the way to Castle of Hamlet.

You can flip back and forth from full screen to the Session Player by tapping the screen.

You can use the same method to pair your favorite workouts with favorite videos, building a Personal library folder you can play at any time. Ditto with private community group sessions.

No this was definitely recorded in a car as it had to pull over to allow a van to pass on a narrow section. It was the group riding that interested me, not the solo sessions.

Plus the fact that no-one turned up even though another 8 had signed up.

Thanks George,

I think there’s still some apprehension for folks to show up and ride them - I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps they’re hesitant to try Xert Group Sessions… Maybe not sure if they have the equipment… Maybe they forget?

From my personal experience, the group training aspect is not about riding with a large group of random people - Zwift does that quite well already (but that’s not really my thing). Instead, I much prefer riding/training with my (personal) cycling friends… people that I routinely ride/train with outside. In my opinion, that’s where sessions can really shine: small communities that ride/train together all year long. Just my $0.02 :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

Unfortunately none of my cycling buddies use xert. They all use either zwift or TrainerRoad.

Good luck with getting more people to use it.

Many in the group I ride with forego these other systems to train on Xert as a group. So much more effective training. More motivating and equitable.

We’re looking to help others gain this value too, either by encouraging folks to join the communities and ride together or create their own communities. It’s still early in the process though. Few Xerters (let alone others that use other systems), are aware of the new feature or what it’s for.

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Well I for one feel xert is far superior to other %FTP training systems.

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I think your group ride idea is amazing and would love to use it regularly. I can see I’m going to have to try to persuade my bike buddies to sign up. Otherwise I might need to keep trying to until others join with suitable times for us in the uk.

I’ll give the group rides another go tomorrow.


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Keep in mind that the current group training functionality is completely free. You could create an Xert community (club, team, squad, etc), invite them to join, and create group sessions that they can participate in…no cost to them.

Maybe they’ll try it and like it :man_shrugging:

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I’ll be sure to tell them this Scott - thanks.

I’m signed up to join your Fat Burning Endurance group ride tomorrow (11am UK time). Looking forward to it.

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Those sessions (0600 EST for us here in Toronto area) are well-attended. Should be a good time. Tuesday is our low-intensity day.

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Looking forward to it.

Then kick their butts in the workout. :slight_smile:

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