Session player video , speed and power

Yesterday i did a session in Stelvio video. While i was riding with a few power (as asked in my workout) the speed of the video was not realistic (too fast)

what was wrong? all my devices xere connected with EBcC (trainer control too )

Thank for your help

Sessions are not simulated rides but a YT video at normal playback speed.
In other words, something to watch while riding.
The default sessions are Bike the World videos from Open Road.
You can also create your own session templates with a YT video URL of your choice.

If you prefer simulated rides, you can use Session Player pop-outs such as the rainbow gauge and power chart and overlay them with another app running in a separate window. Ex., Zwift, Fulgaz, etc.
Open Road also offers this option which will require a separate subscription. There is a discount code listed under Personal Info for your Account Setting if you are interested.
In this scenario Xert EBC on your phone controls your trainer while the other app is paired with power only.

Ok thank for your answer,i didn t know.
I did it with Rouvy, hope one day we ll have the best of both world in xert :grinning:

I started my smart trainer journey on Rouvy as well. :slight_smile:
After you get used to watching routes that aren’t synced with power it becomes more entertainment and something to distract you while training. I love speedy descents regardless of pedal stroke.
Plus, instead of crawling up the bottom of Stelvio Pass you get to see the entire 25km route. :smiley: