Session Player Power Chart Never Changes

Getting to know XERT by now. Setting up and starting a workout session is now “routine”.
I have noticed, though, that running my workout in the Session Player, the powerchart profile is always the same no matter which workout I select in the EBC app - or in the Online browser window.
Q1: I would expect the powerchart to show the profile of the workout of my choice, how come it doesn’t?
Q2: How to default to full zoom on the powerchart? It shows a zoom of the full profile prior to me starting the workout but once I start the workout, it zooms to app. 10 min view, i.e. the same view that I have on the EBC app (= I don’t need to identical views)
NOTE: I did search the community on this before posting so I apologise if I missed any discussions on the subject. Thanks in advance.

If you click “Play Now” under Recommended Training and then click on “Open Player” do you see the power profile of the workout you chose? If not, send a note to for assistance. Send us the details of your set up.

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To toggle between full chart and the 10-minute window, tap the Zoom button in lower left.


Thanks, ridgerider2.
That one I was aware of :grinning: it is more that the profile is the same (has been for the last 3 different workouts I did) no matter which workout I select.
I will check out Armando’s suggestion later today.

As long as your phone has Internet access during the workout, the XO connection to the Session Player should be functional.

Feedback on the subject. It appears to follow this pattern:
If I select a workout in the EBC app, start it and then run the XO Session Player, the power chart tracks the latest profil I used (i.e. the one prior to the selected workout). If I start a workout the same way (selecting EBC> starting> Sessino Player) it still retains the same pwoer chart profile.
If I select the workout from EBC, start XO Session Player and then go Start in EBC, the XO power chart is updated to the selected profile.
A work around but acceptable.

Once the web session player receives data from EBC, a reload of the page should reflect the workout you chose in EBC.

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Never did the reload thing, so this may simply be the reason. Thanks.