Session player not workin

load up a session and then the video plays but the targets are all zero and the workout does not progress. What a complete waste of time. I have never had to spend so long trying to get an application to work as i have with Xert. I open up zwift and bang it works.

Xert = EBC app on phone + Session or Remote Player online (PC/laptop/tablet).
Which phone app are you using to control the workout? EBC on iOS or Android?

Steps are –

  1. Select one of the recommended workouts on using Play Now.
    That queues the workout for selection on your phone.
  2. Start EBC on your phone and selected workout will be shown at top of list.*
  3. Start the workout on your phone.
  4. Session or Remote Player on your PC/laptop/tablet will sync with the workout running on your phone a few seconds later.

You can also start EBC on your phone, select a workout from there, begin the workout and the Session/Remote Player will sync a few seconds later.

*If you add a workout to the Planner to start at a future date/time, that workout will only list on top if the phone app is started within 30 minutes of the workout’s start time.

You have the mobile EBC app running at the same time to control the trainer, don’t you?

The session player doesn’t work on it’s own. It needs the EBC app to ‘drive’ the trainer.

For some reason, none of the Xert support pages are working for me at the moment. I get an error “This page isn’t working at the moment” with the note “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” both on my PC & mobile device.
But, I found a Youtube video describing the process quite well:

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Thanks for the replies. I did all the above steps and the remote player opens on the laptop, I play on my phone but the remote session detects my input from the trainer but and the session video plays but the targets are all zero and the workout graph on the bottom does not move.

The Remote or Session Player simply reflects what is occurring on the phone.
The trainer must be connected to the EBC app on your phone under Sensors.
Are you using the iOS or Android version of EBC?
Does the workout run fine on EBC including intervals counting down, power chart display, etc.?
If yes, make sure you are logged into the phone app with the same credentials as your login to
If you are using Zwift on your laptop, trainer control must be disabled in Zwift or the EBC app can’t control the trainer.

phone was connected to all the sensors on the trainer. it loaded the session but would not show any targets but it registered the bike , HR etc. Have not tried again as the time it consumes is time i can spend training with ease