Session Player Not Responding

Just curious if anyone else is having issues? When I press start the metrics zero out like it’s going to start, but no data is getting transmitted (or picked up) I have tried this on my phone and Karoo. Tried logging in and out of my accounts but doesn’t seem to be working.

Just tested –

  1. Load Session Player in browser on laptop (displays default 283 watts)
  2. Start EBC on phone (Android)
  3. Activity, Select Workout
  4. Start
  5. Session Player syncs < 2 secs later

Ditto with iOS app test but syncs < 1 sec later.

Try refreshing the browser page.
If still not syncing must be a temporary location issue to server. I’m east coast US.

Thanks. It has worked flawlessly for a very long time, just noticed the last day or it’s not transmitting data. It makes a connection as all the metrics do zero out.

Refreshing doesn’t do anything. I’ll wait and see.

Must be a server issue. I am getting the zeroes now.
I have filed a support incident with