Server Outage

We’re experiencing a outage at the moment with one of our cloud service providers. We are working to be available again shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the update

Is this why my IOS app will not open? Hopefully back up soon as I’m waiting to do a workout.

Yes that’s why. My Android app won’t work either.

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Never realised that we can’t use Xert offline before. Thanks for the reply

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Yes, it’s different to Trainerroad for example where you can use it offline. Xert appears to be 100% web based, even the app!

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I’m not too impressed by that. Since getting my smart trainer in December 2019 I’ve stuck with XERT and been enjoying using it. But if it means I can’t do a workout because a server is down I might have to rethink.

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It’s been down quite a few times over the last 3 weeks or so. Not good. We were told that it was all sorted as they had moved everything over to new servers. Not being able to do a workout when you had it all planned and are already tight for time is not ideal.

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Back online. Sorry for the hiccup.

We’ll need to look into the app’s being able to work offline. It was something we had seen some challenges trying to address as part of the XATA rollout. We’ll need to revisit and see what we can do for the situations.

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Thanks for the update. Being able to use the apps and perform a workout “offline” in my mind is extremely important. When I recently signed up for a years membership of Xert I wasn’t aware that the apps could not be used offline and that they required a continuous connection.

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@xertedbrain Since “offline” can mean a lot of things, can we briefly clarify what the behaviour is in the event of an outage?

If my intent is to start a workout using the iOS app (for example), it sounds like I can’t load the workout player if there’s an outage. So I can’t start an activity.

Can I continue a workout if there’s an outage or does my workout end abruptly?

Is there any recovery of my workout possible if the outage occurs mid-workout? Is all the data already on Xert?


I don’t think it was just Xert. I had a couple clients reporting outages with their business systems this morning.

I did suggest a few weeks ago that the mobile apps should operate whether you can connect and download a workout or not. Have the app save the last workout you did so you can replay it when required or save last three workouts so you can pick one.
Remote Player option is ignored if enabled.
When the workout/activity is completed save results locally to the mobile device until the server is available again.
Or start simple and just allow the workout player to run in activity mode when server is offline.
The logic would be – server connection fails, Activity player loads (Activities page is skipped), start and record an activity, or swipe to Workout, click Select, last workout is displayed (if server connection fails) or pick from list of last three, start and record that workout, Save when done, if server remains offline save file to device, sync any stored activity upon next connection.

In either case whether the Internet is working or the Xert Player is able to work offline, I can still ride my bike or trainer. :smiley:
But I understand the apprehension about losing a workout/activity. :scream:

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We hadn’t had any signficant outage in 4 years of service so moving to a online model didn’t pose any issues at the time. In the past couple of months, we’ve had some of our providers experience issues outside of our direct control and therefore we’ll need to adjust things.

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Providing an app that functions offline is definitely needed.

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If you have a power meter on your bike and a wheel on trainer, just do a fairly standard workout (2 x 20 for example) and record it on your garmin, once everything comes back online you’ll still get the XSS and XATA will adjust based on what you’ve done. I suppose you could even do a workout on a smart trainer with the manufacturers app or Zwift, same thing, once you upload the workout you’ll get credited XSS and XATA will adjust. In some ways that’s the beauty of Xert in that it’s more flexible than following a ridged plan. At the moment life is throwing massive curve balls at us all, better to be adaptable than sticking absolutely rigidly to precise workouts and times, can’t be that many people who have absolutely definite dates of events anyway.


Thank you Sean. We certainly don’t wish to impact anyone’s plans to use Xert but having a broader view on things helps keep things in perspective.

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As an update, we’ve been working with our hosting provider who have been having issues with their hosting service. The outages we were experiencing were not caused by anything on our end but were due to faulty hardware on our service provider’s facilities. They have ongoing issues with various hardware platforms. We were successfully migrated to other hardware and as of last night and this morning, have fully transitioned over. We don’t expect to see further issues but are prepared to move quickly as usual to restore any outage in case they do.

Hopefully these issues are fully behind us and things return to the way things were before. If you’re seeing any issues, as usual, send us a note at so that one of our staff can have a look.

Thanks everyone for your understanding.

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