Segment Hunter

Hi, I’m new here and have a question about the segment Hunter.
Today I drove a long climb 115min. and I have the segment loaded on my garmin, as far as good.
when the segment started the hunter showed me a power of 272w. From earlier rides I knew that this is way too high! I drove this climb with 210-215w in 115min.
and today with new best performance in 111min. at 220w.
why started the hunter so high and even after 5-10min was still 272w on the garmin. The target time was set to 115min. Wehn I increased the power output, the colors have changed … ??
Incidentally, I have nowhere found a bottom to enter the weight of the bike??

Hi Daniel,

Good question. The math behind the segment hunter only makes it ideal for targeting segments that are above your TP. As such, The Segment Hunter wont provide accurate interval targets for sub-threshold segments, though this can likely be improved once we make advances to our endurance energy modeling. Hope this makes sense.

Ok, fair enough, but good to know