Segment Hunter Still Working?

Has anyone tested to see if the Segment Hunter still works after the changes that Strava made yesterday?

No, but I’m guessing… It’s not?

Ray summed it up nicely:

“We realize that this is probably gonna break some (ok, most) apps. So instead of giving you time to fix your apps, we’re just gonna do it anyways and instead give you empty data that confuses your end users and app design, so this way it appears your app is broken – not Strava’s. Good deal?"

Well I’m actually guessing it will still be working: what they are removing is basically full access to leaderboards: we will still be able to see the KOM, QOM and where the segment is, which should be enough for the app to work?
Also it’s only going to be enforced in 30 days so it’s still going to work in the meantime!

That’s not Ray’s interpretation, as you can see from the quote, but we’ll have to find out. Volunteers?

Oh sorry, I thought he was meaning 30 days to implement a solution, but didn’t read the “returning empty values in the meantime” :confused:
Also I personally don’t see any change on my end so far, and can still access full leaderboard with my free account. Anyone having seen any change so far?

I’m a subscriber, so I wouldn’t know - there’s a 60-day free trial, but I think you need to apply for that, i.e. I don’t think all free accounts have been automatically converted to 60-day trials. Maybe this change takes a while to trickle through…

Yeah, I’m a subscriber, myself. Rainmaker’s writeup made it sound like the Segment Hunter wouldn’t work any longer for anyone, so I was just curious.

I’ve been playing around with Strava API a little bit. From what i can see so far, the Segment Hunter should still work. It is still possible, even for free users, to get starred segments list, kom_time and pr_time as well as starting/end point/gps-track of each segment. I assume this information should be sufficient for Segment Hunter. What you cant get anymore is your leaderboard place as well as pr_hr or pr_watts and other efforts on this segment.

It worked perfectly on my group ride yesterday!

KOM for me as a Strava subscriber are 0 seconds.

Hi Kevin,

Try disconnecting and re-authorizing your Strava account in Xert and then reloading the segments. If you’re still having difficulties, contact support directly via email so we can take a look into it.


Hi Scott, forgot to mention that I disconnected strava from my xert account and re-authorized on a few ocasions but still no joy.