Segment Hunter starting at wrong spot


Today i planned to go to a local hill and get a PR on a segment.

On the way there Segment Hunter started the segment 8 kilometers (or 3.5 kilometers, as the crow flies) too early.
Once i got within shouting distance Segment Hunter started the segment a couple of hundred meters before the segment starts. I kind of winged it and did the segment, turned around and went down the hill. After passing the spot where Segment Hunter messed up the last time i once again turned around and headed for the segment and once again Segment Hunter messed it up and started way to early.

I’m using Segment Hunter on a Garmin Edge 530.

Hi Jan,

Are you using auto-lap in the Garmin profile that you used?

Negative. Only auto-feature enabled is auto-sleep.
I seemed to remember something about the lap-button though, so i pushed that to try to “abort” the first segment hunt but that simply started a new lap on my device.