Segment Hunter Connect IQ count

When I remove SH from a data field on my 520 it is not adjusting the Connect IQ count (say 4/4) back down to 3/4 etc so I get the “Replace or Remove … to add another data field” message and cannot add another IQ field.

Check your Garmin Connect / Express help info for the correct process to remove datafields. The devices can be a bit fussy sometimes, even when you think the field is deleted, it still isn’t and you may need to try again / reboot the device.

I’m not uninstalling Armando just swapping one data field for another. There is an issue as stated above.

Hmmm… Maybe you are using it on multiple pages.

I have encountered this issue occasionally as well John. Even though I had removed it, it still ‘counted’ it. Sometimes I need to remove it completely from the device and from Garmin Express and reload it to my Garmin, but other times a reboot does the trick. Try the latter first:)

Yep that’s it Jamie the CIQ field count is not going down when you swap out SH for another IQ app (please check this at least for the 520). Xert apps are brilliant and I have lived through the various quirks of managing them over the last 18 months - tricks re switching fields, uninstalling, etc :slight_smile:

Tried on a longer ride today. Worked for the first two segments but them started tracking Strava segments that were not selected either in Xert or starred by me? Still will not free up an IQ slot when removed from its data field. I’ve been trying the app in different screens (single field vs several) to see what works best on the 520 as the displayed info is cut down as Armando explains in his video. It didn’t seem to like auto pause and needed to be re-started. It did restart when I pressed the pause button on and off again.

Which version shows when the app starts up? It should be 1.19. If it isn’t, remove and reinstall from the store.

Was using 1,18 Armando but now updated to 1.19 as your instruction. However same problem as above - If you have 4 IQ fields on your profile and then replace the SH field with a standard Garmin non CIQ data field (eg cadence) it shows cadence but sticks at the 4/4 CIQ 520 count limit on that profile and prevents you replacing with a different CIQ field.

Remove it. Change profile. Change back. Try it again.

Tried that already Armando. Removed and checked that the files are gone from the 520 directory, completely rebuilt the profile - have you tried it on a 520? It will switch the SH field at 4/4 from one IQ to another but it doesn’t like being replaced with a standard field. Don’t worry if its not a general problem I will go back when its out of beta testing.

… btw which is the Garmin file that monitors the IQ field count its that data not going back to 3/4?

This isn’t something we have to be concerned with in the software. The ConnectIQ firmware in the Garmin should take care of all this. The problem may be related to the background service that has been registered when the app gets loaded. You may want to reboot the device after removing the field.

Yes you are right its appears connected to the background service remaining open when you close and remove the app. The profile fit incorrectly stays registered at 4/4 instead of dropping to 3/4. Once that happens rebooting does not change the 4/4 data in the profile fit file. However if you close the 520 down first and reboot immediately before trying to remove the SH field it does go from 4/4 to 3/4 - presumably because the background service has not been active at that point. I think the IQ count is in the profile fit file as the most effective way to fix the problem is to replace the profile once corrupt with a good copy via you PC .

… switching to another profile and back also seems to kill the service - same as rebooting