Seeding your first ride

My Progression Chart and Progression Chart (Activities Only) never made any sense to me. For instance it reported that my FTP was decreasing even though my training load was going up, my set FTP, perception of my fitness and other indicators such as average power, normalised power and average speed were all increasing. What really made me smell a rat was that the calculated Threshold, Peak Power and HIE from when I first started back training back in December where identical to what I now have with 10 months training under my belt.

I then went to the Table section and manually edited the Threshold, Peak Power and HIE values of my very first ride to something more credible. Xert then automatically recalculated my Fitness Signature and low and behold the two Progression Charts now mirrored my perception of my fitness.

:slight_smile: Yeah, the initial progression data is more difficult to assess since there isn’t much to go on. (How can Xert know your fitness if there is no data that defines it?!). So what you did is a great way to address this if you know your starting signature. The majority of times letting Xert sort things out is ok,and will give you a realistic picture of where you are today. But as you become more familiar with Xert, “seeding” as you say is a great way to gain additional insight into your historical data.

This is chart when left to calculate for itself

This the chart when I seeded the first ride

One thing that you may notice is that your Focus isn’t seeded and so the left axis shows a very wide range. If you drag-and-select a few days after your first activity, you can get a better idea of how Focus and your fitness relate.

Awesome progression, btw.