Second data fields form running.

Hi, as the MPA and TTE is different cycling from running, can you create a second version of the data fields so I don´t have to sign off from one account to other to have the proper MPA, focus, XSS… in the garmin 935? It would help a lot.

This isn’t too likely right now, we’re focusing development on other applications currently. However, we do have older versions of those data fields (MPA/Power, XSS/XEP, Fat/Carbs, & TTE/TTR) that were for 1st generation connectIQ devices. They wont automatically update your signature like the new apps; instead, you enter a code into the datafield (your code is found under Apps --> Garmin ConnectIQ). This code will need to be updated when you get breakthroughs, but would allow you to have a a separate data field for running and cycling. You can find those older apps by searching for Xert (old) in Garmin ConnectIQ. HTH

Thanks Scott! Switching from one user to other is not smooth.