Searching By Focus Duration

Is it possible to search for workouts by Focus Duration? Training Advisor says focus should be 1:15:42. I’d like to find a workout as close to that as possible. It seems to show up in Focus in the workout designer only for a focus of under an hour. Anything over an hour doesn’t show up. There’s a big difference between 1hr 15 mins and 2 hours.

Hi @LeeZ,

Good question. In practice, there is little to no difference (in terms of the breakdown of XSS) for focus durations beyond about 20 min, which is why everything past a 20 min focus is lumped into an “Endurance” category. All focus durations beyond 20 min will be almost exclusively low XSS, so the only difference between workouts of 1 hr focus and 2 hr focus will be the relative XSS rate for the workout.

Thanks for the response, that makes sense.