Is it possible to search this forum?

Hi Hans. While this forum doesn’t have a search function, we try to be diligent and put any questions users are mostly interested in finding answers to on our support site. You can search there.

Ok, I think you should add a search function regardless. My interest might be different than most users. There is 1700 post that basically is out of my reach. How many times have people asked where the search is?
A well design forum would could also be a base for building up a community. Thats one thing TrainerRoad does really well.

We are planning to improve/replace our forum technology. At the moment, the features are quite constraining.

I see that you can Collapse All once you have opened posts. Perhaps there is a way to include Expand All.
Then you could at least use Find in your browser to locate selected text.

It’s not really a forum. It’s a commenting plugin.