Screen Share Edge 1030+ workout screens via iOS

Anybody know if screen sharing is possible, and, if so, how? I’m pretty hard of sight, as it were. I’d like to take the real-time output on my Edge device, e.g., torque output from my Assioma’s as shown on one of my data screens, and screen share those data on my iPad Pro12 so that I can see then better. TIA, Anthony

Does Favero have a users forum?
Perhaps someone has written a IAV Cycling Dynamics app for iOS.
If so, you could view the metrics directly on the iPad if that supports an ANT+ dongle.

Garmin and Favero have created a push to Cycling Dyamics and it works beautifully presenting the many metrics as shown on Garmin Edge 1030+. I’m trying to get those data on a display that allows me to “see” them. My near vision is shot in the ass and I’ve circumvented that on Xert EBC by screen mirroring my iPadPro display of the Xert data to an old TV I got hanging on the wall across from me. It’s educative for sure for me to see my data develop in real-time.Anthony