Scratching my head.. manually change distance

Ok so can someone explain please, how in all that is holy do you manually change the distance of a ride on Xert

Garmin is paired to Power and my Heart Rate monitor so is then tracks time, heart rate, power and cadence. When the ride is over I find it best to save Zwift first until it goes to TP then save the Garmin.

Once i save the Garmin it passes it’s metrics to xert who then passes it to strava, the issue i’ve got is I need to edit the distance in Garmin after it’s saved to match Zwift & TP but before i can do that Garmin has already sent it’s metrics to Xert. Once i do manually edit the distance in Garmin i thought it would maybe resync with xert but it doesn’t, also if i try resyncing in xert to pull the data from garmin again it just moans it’s a duplicate i also can’t find any way of editing it within Xert… ??

Distance indoors is essentially meaningless, but if you want things to match up then you’d be better importing your data from Strava to Xert. This means your Zwift ride will go to Strava then from Strava to Xert.

I can’t think of any situation (but I might be wrong) where distance matters in Xert, as long as you’ve recorded your power then that’s all you need.

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It’s just merely as to have it all match… I can’t go from Strava to Xert as i then don’t get the extra metrics that Xert passes to Strava… I figured it out after some heavy googling the issue is garmin when you amend the distance it does not add it to the original fit file hence why Xert doesn’t update to the new amended data the only way you can get Xert to update the data is to modify the fit file and manually upload it and at that point it starts to become a faff.

The solution is to ignore distance and train by duration only.


We will allow you to use other metrics like XSS, kilojoules, etc too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But old fashioned “collecting KMs/miles” really isn’t worth bothering with once you are training indoors, it’s all make believe whatever the platform.

Train by XSS. Not miles. Not kilometers. Not duration. Not even kilojoules. Don’t accumulate them. Don’t average them. Weight them exponentially by time (ie. Training Load). Better yet, split them up based on intensity (low, high and peak) and track how this affects performance. Then call all this “Xert”. :slight_smile: