Scheduled workout different on Trainer Advisor vs Planner screen


The Trainer Advisor recommends the “SWEET-SPOT @75% - CLASSIC 2X20” however if I go into the planner and click the option to create the recommended workout, “SMART - Won’t Get Fooled Again” is added. I accepted they are similar in duration and XSS but I’m slightly confused by it.


You will notice on the Trainer Advisor page there are alternates listed and a small refresh icon to the left of ‘Select a recommended workout’. Click that icon and a different workout will be selected. This is similar to the option in the Planner.
Xert is choosing from a group of similar workouts. You can elect to cycle through the group or select from the alternate list.
Xert is tracking your last workout recovery time and factoring in your normal workout time and improvement rate to recommend a workout. That is a moving target.
I believe the Trainer Advisor refresh is based on current time while the Planner is based on your normal workout time.

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