Schedule non-training weeks?

In each of the next 3 months I will be travelling for a whole week and unable to train. Is there a way to schedule these weeks off within the training advisor so that it will automatically adjust my workload to ensure that I still hit my goals in 3 months time? This is an ongoing situation for me - travelling for work about 1 week in 8 this year meaning I need to be able to plan my training around those periods of forced time off the bike. Any help would be really appreciated.

There is no need to schedule them. Simply return to training when you get back and the advisor will take into account the week off. The only thing you may want to consider, if your training volume is sufficiently high, is the timing of any recovery weeks if you require them. Generally, if you have an Aggressive more higher Improvement Rate, you’ll eventually need some added recovery. You can look to use the planner to move your training around to achieve this.

I guess what I mean is that I know that the adaptive advisor would change them after the fact but I’m trying to plan ahead - I know I’ll need to increase my hours in the 3 weeks I am able to train between each trip but I was hoping to be able to block out the fact that I know I cant train those weeks in order to have the advisor adapt my training schedule a little in advance too - ie extra load prior to the forced rest weeks when I’ll be travelling?

The adaptive training advisor doesn’t yet look at pre scheduled future activities to make recommendations for today. This normally isn’t an issue since you training will get adjusted afterwards anyway. It’s only an issue when you’re looking to toss in a non-targeted race and would like some more freshness leading into it. If you know your training will be compromised and should train more in advance, you can increase your Improvement Rate to compensate.

Ok - thanks. Could I add this as a feature request? The ability to block out days/weeks in advance and have the training advisor automatically adjust its recommendations based around those days/weeks in accordance with your event target date?

What are your thoughts on what it should do? Should it increase improvement rate before the blocked days/weeks? One could also suggest something similar for training camps where you’re planning on training a lot more for a few days/weeks. I’m not totally clear on what the best practice should be. What to do afterwards is much clearer.

I think so - that’s my normal training procedure. Do a heavier block of 7 - 9 days training in before going away and then ramping up over the 3/4 days after the week off. Taking training camps into account I guess at this point it’s also worth considering how you handle events that occur before your target event date such as crit races or less important races?

I attempt to handle this by cranking up the improvement rate to the max, Extreme, and let’er rip. That way even if I’m super tired going into a 1 week vacation, that’s ok. Tomorrow I’m supposed to do a recovery ride, but I’ll a ride something more intense since I’m gone for the weekend. However, in this case, going to Extreme doesn’t change tomorrow’s recommendation. :slight_smile: